This section contains projects created and contributed to by Marcus.


A collection of projects authored by me (Marcus)


Polliato is an application built to promote civic engagement, it was created in one week for a software design competition at the University of Minnesota

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Hugo Theme - Forty

Hugo Forty is a theme for the popular static site generator GOHUGO I ported over from html5up web templates. Is it free to use for personal or commercial use.

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Phishing Exercise - Fake Google Login

Phishing exercise I used for an organization drill at a company...

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Resplice introduces a new way to share contact information, never ask anyone for updated info again.

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Star Wars Name Generator

Python Project that randomly generates names based of a list given to it.

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Open Source Contributions

A collection of efforts to which I contributed, but did not create. Contributing back to Open Source projects is a strong passion of mine, and requires a considerate approach to learn norms, standards and approach for each community for a successful merge!

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